2009-05-22 Ari JohnsonUpdate versions for 0.73p1 release 0.73p1
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNote %q<registers> in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonImplement named %q<registers>
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonDocumentation typo fix
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonFix another failure to check for GoodObject()
2008-03-04 Yesterday's... Update changes file
2008-03-04 Yesterday's... Remove unnecessary static buffer non-NULL checks
2008-03-04 Yesterday's... Make more division checks safer
2008-03-04 Yesterday's... Make some division checks safer
2008-03-04 Yesterday's... Remove profanity in help file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonAdd missing pow_inherit flag to list of settable/cleara...
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNote IDLE functionality change in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonDon't count IDLE as a command
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonRun make depend
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonFix make depend
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNoted lsearch() fix in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonFix bug in lsearch(): uninitialized counter
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNote #undef USE_MAILER fix in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonMake #undef USE_MAILER work
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonAdd time_t and long integer changes to changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonUnparse time_t as unsigned int
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonUse long integer types in several places, such as unpar...
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNote LOUD flag in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonSlight formatting changes
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonHelp typo fix
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonAdd LOUD flag
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNoted restart and forbidden name changes in changes...
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonAllow players to change to forbidden names they already use
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonMove old log files and copy core dumps to save/ in...
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNoted cleanup in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonMiscellaneous code cleanups for C standard compliance
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonGeneral OOREF cleanup
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonFixed other OOREF calls that caused mixed code and...
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonNote ooref in fun_speak fix in changes file
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonRe-order ooref calls in fun_speak
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonFixed bug that caused some lock types to incorrectly...
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonFixed cstatus()
2008-03-04 Ari JohnsonAdded transition.c
2008-03-04 CobraMUSHAdded 0.73p1 changes file
2008-03-04 CobraMUSHUpdated version numbers for 0.73p1 development
2008-03-04 CobraMUSHUpdated version.h for 0.73 release 0.73
2011-03-24 CobraMUSHhastype() had forgotten the Division type
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonSome improvements to division.c messages
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonNote division loop bugfix in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonDetect and prevent division loops; fix division loops...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed regression in attribute lock bugfix
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed can_write_attr_internal() to prohibit writing...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed attribute read locks
2011-03-24 CobraMUSHNoted mortal_dark fix in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonBugfix: attribute flag mortal_dark now works again
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed indentation in %z subtitution switch()
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonNoted trim_space_sep fix in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed a potential crash bug in trim_space_sep
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAttempted fix of warnings when HAS_OPENSSL is not defined
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonRemoved FAQ from MANIFEST files
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonRemoved old PennMUSH files (that were previously remove...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed possible crash in process_commands()
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed setunion()
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAdded F_SELF to table for in-game control
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonUpdated changes file to reflect INHERITABLE fix
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonMade it possible for all players to set INHERITABLE...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonRemoved unnecessary 'else'
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAdded F_SELF flag permissions
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonUpdated I18N file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonUpdated copyright notice file; still needs specific...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonRemoved several PennMUSH-specific files no longer relev...
2011-03-24 Ari Johnsonattrib_set(obj/attr,) with EMPTY_ATTRS off sets the...
2011-03-24 Ari Johnsondefault() can take multiple attributes to try in order
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed crecall() to take from 1 - 5 arguments
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonMoved @poll note in changes to the PennMUSH section
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonNoted @poll/clear in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAdded @poll/clear and changed @poll with no argument...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAdded crecall()
2011-03-24 Ari Johnsonlocate() can take more than one type and prefer all...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonNoted @chan/list fix in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonSlight touchups to changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFIXED flag restriction on 'home' is now entirely in...
2011-03-24 Yesterday's... Fix to console compilation to avoid an infoslave warning
2011-03-24 nveid@function fix - no one could add global @funs since...
2011-03-24 nveidSafer ufun support removed and do_reboot moved to bsd...
2011-03-24 nveidFixed cbuffer crash, removed console.c from MANIFEST...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonNoted console.c/bsd.c merge in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonNoted privileged WHO update in changes file
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonSlight formatting fix for privileged WHO
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonMerged console.c into bsd.c with COMPILE_CONSOLE #ifdefs
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAdded fun_speak to function table
2011-03-24 nveidTypo in wizard's powerlist for Nuke fixed.
2011-03-24 nveidFixed permission problem in zwho and zmwho and wrote...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonConflicts fix for 64-bit SHS fix
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed SHS on 64-bit platforms
2011-03-24 nveidRequires control ability of an object to add @function...
2011-03-24 nveidAdded xwho, xmwho, xwhoid, xmwhoid, lwhoid, mwhoid...
2011-03-24 nveidChanged the way we convert flag tables when coming...
2011-03-24 nveidAdded Ulambda, namelist, stringsecs, and speak functions.
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed subdivision search class crash
2011-03-24 nveidImported PennMUSH NextDbref and Unique functions
2011-03-24 nveidwidth() and height() take optional second argument...
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonAdded changes entry to reflect lastmod fix
2011-03-24 Ari JohnsonFixed bug with uninitialized lastmod entries
2011-03-24 Ari Johnson"subdivision" search class