2006-09-11 Ari JohnsonFixed conflict between NA_INTER_LOCK and NA_EVALONCONTACT 0.72p1
2006-09-11 nveidConfigure Update
2006-09-11 Ari JohnsonFixed second notify bug that caused the chat system...
2006-09-11 nveidchanges conflict fix
2006-09-11 nveidattribute write lock
2006-09-11 nveidmysql hints - makes it so mysql is detected in certain...
2006-09-11 Ari JohnsonUpdated changes.txt to reflect notify bugfix
2006-09-07 Ari JohnsonFixed notify bug that caused extchat to crash
2006-09-07 Ari JohnsonFixed options.h.dist to include chat system when defined
2006-09-05 Ari JohnsonUpdated repository for 0.72 stable development 0.72
2006-09-05 Ari JohnsonInitial import from 0.72 release